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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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alt the slorktsz. >> wjz obtained this video, which showed fire erupting. rescue crews rushed to try to save one woman, trapped inside the white jeep. and two men, trapped inside a burning honda accord. >> i was up in my room. and a heard this big boom. >> angela reef and her husband started to record this. >> we came outside. helicopters were already circling. >> reporter: police officials explain plain clothed officers in an unmarked car had been following the honda accord from harford road and east 25th street, where the officers witnessed some sort of criminal activity. >> they attempted to stop the vehicle. the vehicle did not yield to the officers. >> reporter: as the honda accord fled from police, it broadsided the police at northern parkway and york road. >> reporter: though the intersection happened here, the force was so severe, it sent both vehicles, flying down this slope, where they came to rest. >> this is the worst thing i've
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seen. >> wjz spoke with paul black, who watched. ed. >> it was like -- i guess was the driver of the jeep. kind of like fell right there. >> he was dazed. he was sort of like he didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: police now trying to determine if their undercover officers were chasing a suspect in violation of the department's restrictive pursuit policy. >> we have a lot of questions right now. and unfortunately, we have more questions than answers. >> reporter: we're told the driver of that jeep is still in critical condition. police have not released the names of the three victims who died in the crash. the investigation continues. live in north baltimore, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: derek, thank you. and that major intersection at northern and george parkway, caused major backups and delays in the morning rush hour. we have updates on the news
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we told you about at 4:00. a man is stuck inside the mud in that trench. the man's feet and legs are stuck. crews have been on the scene for about two hours, working to get him out. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. we continue to monitor it, though. new questions arise about how the washington navy yard shooter was able to get security clearance. vic has more on how lies led to his clearance. >> investigators say aaron alexis lied about a previous event. he also failed to disclose thousands of dollars in debt. security clearance allowed him into the building where he gunned down 12 workers last week. in the wake of the findings, the navy said it is now making serious changes it the -- to the way background checks are done. back to you. a woman hospitalized with gunshot wounds as a result of that shooting was released from
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the hospital today. the deadly siege at a shopping mall in kenya, appears to be over. but the fate of many hostages is still unclear. alphonso van marsh reports for wjz from london, with the latest. >> reporter: kenya's president says his forces have defeated the terrorists who attacked the largest shopping mall in kenya, attacking the people. >> our attackers wish to destroy the essential character of our society. they failed. kenya endured. enya endures am. >> reporter: he says 11 militants are in custody and that five attackers are dead. this grainy security camera photo shows two of the gunmen who launched the attack on the westgate mall. kenyan authorities say at least six kenyan soldiers died on the fourth day of the siege. elshabab militants are calling it revenge for attacks on neighboring groups in somalia. >> we don't fear europeans and americans because we're not
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weak. and they're saying, you should tell the kenyans to stop their aggression if you want to be safe. >> reporter: those who escaped the mall massacre said at least one of the militants was a woman. the attackers are not only somali. >> from the information that we have, two or three americans. >> reporter: u.s. officials did not confirm the claims. >> the dead come from at least a dozen countries, including england, france and canada. kenyan authorities warn there will be more bodies. alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we are learning a graduate of johns hopkins university who was 8 months pregnant is among the victims killed in the attack. 33-year-old elise yavideos and her husband were both killed in the attack. yavoos is of turkish descent and grew up in the netherlands. she graduated from hopkins.
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it is official, maryland attorney general doug gansler announces his candidacy for governor of maryland. pat warren is in capitol hill. >> reporter: hi, kai. and you're absolutely right. doug gansler, this has been a long-awaited announcement. we were told when lieutenant governor anthony brown announced back in may that gansler wouldn't be making his announcement until september. and he did that this morning. >> reporter: the gansler campaign launch was ice cream social folksy and family friendly. >> my grandfather, and the next governor of the state of maryland, doug gansler. >> reporter: straight out of the gate, he wants people to know he is not intimidated by the competition. >> i was told, there is no way you can run, no way you can win in both of my campaigns. >> he is a former state's attorney and is in his second term asked immediate's --
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maryland's attorney general. >> we will work to protect the people of maryland, making sure we have jobs coming back to maryland. >> reporter: his chief opponent is lieutenant governor anthony brown. >> the jobs client is obviously very real. as we watch people confront the state. and we're confronting billions every year. >> you always know where i stand. and that is with you, to make maryland proud. thank you all for being here today. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: another declared democrat in the primary is montgomery county delegate. heather mizeer. we're waiting for doug gansler to arrive. back to you on tv hill. the primary is june of next year. a sunny and pleasant day around baltimore. sun is chining. hardly a cloud in site. let's check in with our first warning weather team.
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let's begin with bob turk in the weather center. there may be some tomorrow. but not going to be a big deal. right now, it is so pleasant out there. 73. 74 in d.c. 70 in ocean city. the cool spot, oakland, 64. ask they were pretty chimmy this morning. chilly this morning. they get down to 32. 37 in cumberland. 43 in the airport here. and 51 in d.c. ocean city, the airport there was 45 degrees. all right. so what do we have on tap for tomorrow? chelsea is in the outback with a look at more beautiful weather. chelsea? >> thanks, bob. we are going to have another stellar day in the forecast yet again as we head into tomorrow. just one little hiccup. we have a system that will be slipping right towards our south. otherwise, dry and a very pleasant wednesday on tap for us. as for what you can expect when we head into the next several days of fall, bob will have those details coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. let's go back inside.
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a devastating loss for the orioles. and it doesn't have to do with standings. one of their top players, manny machado, is out, after being carted off the field with a very serious injury. wjz is live at camden yards. sports director mark viviano with the latest on manny. mark? >> reporter: how are you doing, mary? yesterday, the injury. today, the diagnosis. manny machado underwent an mri. buck showalter tells us that the radiologist has offered their diagnosis on what they've seen. about the orioles are not going to announce anything until their team doctor has a chance to examine machado, which is going on right now. so any moment now, we will hear what the team has to say about the extent of the injury to manny machado. >> reporter: machado is going to beat everyone. machado fell down. they're going to tag him. but he's hurt. >> reporter: the loss of
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machado adds to the pain of a difficult finish of the orioles season. their 21-year-old all-star is one of the most promising in the majors, adding to the emotion of seeing him injured. >> you know it's part of sports. but you hate it. it's just -- injuries are kind of a given in sports in general at some point. but you know, to see a kid that young go through what he went through yesterday. at the end of such a phenomenal season. you know, just my heart broke for him. >> under the circumstances, you know, losing a guy like that. one of the most promising young players in the game. you know, one of the best teammates. >> he'll be back. 100%. no doubt in my mind. it helps when you're 21 versus 41. so i think it's -- he's got, obviously, a lot of great things going for him. and i think he's going to -- i think we all believe he will be better than he has ever been. we fully expect that.
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but at the time, it's definitely demoralizing for all of us, just to have to watch that. >> so there is a sense of optimism for the future of the 21 orioles' all-star. in fact, buck showalter told us a little while ago that he is confident or will try to be confident that machado will be playing for the orioles early next season. but showalter added, he is still awaiting final word from the team doctor. we await that word as well. and it could come at any time. we'll have an update for you, once we learn what they have to say about the extensive injury. and the orioles have just six games left in the regular season. after three, they will come in. >> we certainly wish manny chamad -- machado well. you never want to see anyone go through that. but if anybody can come through that, it's him. >> we want to see him early
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next year. >> we wish him well. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. u.s. relations with iran moved to the top spot today. but syria still remains high on the president's list, as the crisis conditions. what the president says must be done. plus... mayday, mayday. >> a distress call sends coast guard boats out to the wes cue. what happened? then atlantic, two men in harm's way. smart phones and tablets welcome. in some howard county school classrooms am i'll explain why students are getting plugged in. that story is next. a perfect day in baltimore today. even to row crew at this hour. the sun is shining. milder around the city. will the dry weather stick around. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's clear and 73 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. smart phones are no longer taboo in the classroom. wjz is live. >> it's called bring your own device. or byod. and it allows students to use their own technology to improve learning in the classroom. >> reporter: it might sound like a traditional spanish class. but the way hannah gonzalez's students are learning the language, is anything but. student smart phones, laptops and tablets are now allowed to be used in some classrooms. >> spanish classes helped me with words that i may not know how to pronounce. or finding words that we haven't learned yet. >> reporter: mount hebron high
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is one of three schools piloted for the bring your own device program. something staff says caters to each student. >> they can do it with what style they have. >> what happen fist a student doesn't have a smart phone or a tablet? well, staff say that no student is left out. >> i really kind of harnessed partners. between you and your partner, can you guys get out a cell phone and use it for this purpose? i can always get three or four laptops from the mobile lap that -- mobile app that they can use as well. >> reporter: principal scott rule says students have to sign an acceptable use policy x. if the devices are used inappropriately or in class, it could mean revocation of use privileges. these this is a trust issue. >> it allows students to stay plugged in. >> reporter: and their cell phone policy has also changed.
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at lunch and in between classes, the phones have to be put away. unless they're used for instructional purposes. >> sounds good. school districts say they will review the pilot program. for more. head to our website, and look for local news. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on our roads. here's sharon gibala at traffic control. good afternoon, everyone. unfortunately, looking at regular delays. but we aren't looking at any serious accidents at the moment. just a bunch of regular wreck. another at east pratt at south president. west pratt at south mlk, there's an accident. watch for one on south broadway. another at north monford. and another in the city at washington boulevard. that's going to be at patapsco avenue. glen burnie, there's an accidentald 8th avenue at 648. there's a look at your speeds in the beltway. not much changed in the last
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hour. mostly in the 30s. you're looking at one spot in the mid-20s. speeds in the 30s on the beltway. there's a live look at i-70. and another look outside at the top side. you can see the inner loop is jammed. this traffic alert is brought to you by papa johns. is ravens day papa johns? >> reporter: sharon, thank you. punxsutawney phil. but in front of the inner harbor, the crowd made its way down the plank and predicts a warm fall ahead. last year, he accurately predicted an early winter. maybe should count on bill more than phil. kai, do you think we should make -- we should make you walk
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the plank. >> piece of trash. >> he was going after it. i think it's fun. >> i love it. what do you think? >> what do i think of phil and bill? not much. sorry, folks. we use science. let's take a look temps right now. 73. dew point 41. humidity, 31%. north winds at 5. barometer falling just a bit. we'll come back and take a look at wednesday's forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. a view of camden yards tonight. >> nice. >> beautiful weather around there. just, just perfect. we have more of this nice weather continuing. looks like for the rest of the week, probably into the weekend. not much more of rain headed our way. take a look at temps now. extremely comfortable at 73. that's the high. 64 in oakland. 70 in ocean city. 68, pax river. dew point at 41. still very dry. very low. maybe a couple of degrees warmer than we were last night. just a few degrees.
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67, annapolis, kent island. and 72. d.c. at 74. a light north wind in the area. still very dry and very pleasant weather. it's going to be with us looks like for the rest of the week. there's a lot of rain across central florida. that front that came through the region saturday. they had a lot of rain in portions of central florida. from fort myers north. a lot of rain there. south of the area, we've had scattered storm activity. west of us, a very weak little system ahead of us. may bring us a few clouds tomorrow afternoon. no precip, except down across virginia and the carolinas. and a big area of high pressure. spinning to the northeast. let's drag in this cooler and dryer air. that weak system, passing a few clouds in kentucky. we may see a few more clouds from what we've seen the last few days. essentially, except for morning
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fog. haven't seen a cloud in the sky. the sky is so blue. the bluer the sky, the dryer the air. you know, sometime in the summer, you get kind of a milky sky, moisture in the air. haze. none of that. with high pressure in the area. more pleasant conditions. that low passes to our south. the clouds get into virginia. but we'll still be dry and dry for the rest of the week. northeast winds, 5 to 10 knots on the bay. bay temp, right around 72 degrees. sunrise, 67. now, sets at 6:59. you have the days and nights just about the same hours. 46 tonight. maybe a little patchy fog. tomorrow, lots of sunshine again. a day very much like today. in the morning, there could be patchy, patchy fog. and then a nice, dry afternoon again. 76. is just about exactly where we're supposed to be would actually, we're around 75. just about perfect for this time of year. >> today was perfect. because the sun is warm. >> i know. felt so nice. it was perfect.
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all right, bob. thank you. well, week 3 of the nfl season. thank you is in the books. let's get it -- there it is. the official music. let's get an update on our pro football challenge with jessica kartalija, at one person standings alone at the top of our bobblehead leader board. don scott is in the leader board right now. right on his heels, mary bubala and mark viviano. third place, meteorologist chelsea ingram and me. remember, you can sign up on you must be over 18 to play. our contest runs through the regular football season. it's just one entry per person. and you're competing with people nationally for prizes. go to to sign up. >> the ravens take the show on the road, when they travel to buffalo to take on the bills next sunday. watch the game sunday at 1:00, only on wjz. and then make sure to stay tuned for a special post game
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coverage. join jessica, mark, marty and me, and former raven wally williams. we'll bring you highlights, reaction and analysis. a full football sunday, here on wjz. and we're waiting for kai to show up to the dance on that. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> soon. soon. >> i'm just taking it easy on all of you guys. letting you get in the lead. i'm the anchor leg. >> we'll see. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. monitoring some breaking news for you. crews are working to rescue a man from a muddy trench in frederick county. we'll have the latest on their efforts. a settlement in the harassment suit against former anne arundel county executive, john leopold. coming up, what the county is paying out. i'm ron matz in pigtown. where the ravens are hoping to help build a better baltimore. the story coming up, here on wjz. and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 73 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. we're updating the breaking news we have been following this eastbounding. crews are -- evening. crews are still working to free a man from a trench in frederick county. the man is stuck in the mud
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inside that trench on eagle head drive on new market. these are pictures from sky eye chopper 13. officials say his feet and legs are stuck. crews have been on the scene for more than 2 1/2 hours. wjz has a crew en route to the scene. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. well, talking syria, iran, and peace in the middle east, president obama addresses the united nations general assembly. jarica dunk an reports for wjz in new york. it comes as there are signs of thawing relations with iran. >> reporter: president obama had lunch with world leaders at the u.n. today. >> cheers. salut. >> reporter: there was speculation he might cross paths or even shake hands with iran's new moderate president. but that didn't happen. the iranian delegation skipped the lunch. earlier, president obama told the u.n. general assembly, his administration will pursue talks with iran, aimed at keeping its nuclear ambitions
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in check. leaders was two nations have not met face to face in 30 years. >> the road blocks may be too great. but i firmly believe the diplomatic state must be tested. >> iran said rouhani skipped the lunch because alcohol was being served. but officials say a face-to- face talk with president obama would have been too complicated for rouhani at home. >> reporter: president obama called for a security council resolution, forcing syrian president, bashar assad to make good on surrendering his chemical weapons. >> if we cannot agree, even on this, then it will show that the united nations is incapable of enforcing each the most -- even the most basic of international laws. >> they will send additional aid to refugees and country, affected by the syrian war.
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and secretary of state john kerry will meet with iran's foreign minister on thursday. in anne arundel county, police are looking for the suspects who opened fire on a house. it happened last night in the 600 block of cad bury drive in odenton. police say the suspects fired shots through the front window. a man, his wife and three young children were inside at the time. although they were not hit by bullets, glass did cut one of the children. witnesses saw a red ford crown victoria flee the scene. new autopsy reports contain horrible details on how the mother and brother of kidnapping survivor hannah anderson were murdered. denise has more from the newsroom. denise? >> reporter: a san diego medical examiner says christina anderson was beaten to death by at least a dozen blows to her head. her ankles were bound to a black cable tie. her son ethan was found in another part of the home, burned beyond recognition.
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is believed that the boy died in the fire. kai? >> denise, thank you. authorities say james dimaggio killed them, then kidnapped 16- year-old hannah. this led to a multistate manhunt, ending with the fbi shooting dimaggio in hannah's rescue. chicago police arrest four men in connection to a shooting that wounded 13 people, including a 3-year-old boy. officers -- [ inaudible ] while the others acted as lookouts. police believe the men targeted that area because they thought it was controlled by a rival gang. the four men are charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. all victims of that shooting are expected to recover. new developments in the harassment lawsuit against former anne arundel county executive john leopold. wjz has learned the county has agreed to settle with leopold's former assistance. -- assistant. monique griego has much more on how much is being paid out. >> reporter: back in january, leopold was found guilty in a
5:34 pm
criminal case against him. the civil case was still pending. but now, anne arundel county police has agreed to pay out more than $100,000 to his accuser. >> reporter: 8 months after being found guiltiy of criminal charges, a harassment suit against former county executive john leopold is coming to an end. >> it has been very emotional. it has been very difficult. it's been a long, hard battle. >> reporter: karla hamner, today reached a settlement, in which the county will pay her $110,000, plus her legal fees. in her suit, she accused leopold of making unwanted sexual advances, saying when she tried to complain, she was fired and prevented from getting another job with the county. >> there's no amount of money you can attach to what i've been through to make it okay. >> reporter: a judge found him guilty. he resigned from office and spent 30 days in jail.
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in both the criminal and civil cases, former employees called leopold's office, a tough environment. >> it was terrifying. and after a while, it was so demeaning that it was just intolerable. the way he treated office. >> they're appealing his criminal conviction. leopold's replacement, county executive laura newman said in a statement, we are pleased that this case has been resolved and we can put it behind us. this closes a sad and sordid chapter in our county's history. and despite what hamner had to go through, she said it's been worth it. >> it's been worth it to see the truth come out about someone who was so corrupt and so took advantage of people. >> and the county is responsible for paying out the entire settlement because leopold was a county employee at the time. >> monique, thank you.
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leopold has filed an appeal against his criminal conviction and has said he would like to run for office again. his attorney told wjz the appeals hearing is set for january. time for a quick look at some of the stories that you'll find in tomorrow morning's morning's edition of the baltimore sun. doctors weigh in on manny machado's injury and what it might mean for him next season. terps are returning for maryland madness and inviting former coaches. and televisions are finding their way into more and more restaurants. even many upscale restaurants. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. if you saw several ravens' players near m&t bank stadium today, they weren't there for football. they were using hammers and drills to help build new homes. ron matz has more on the team's hopes of building a better baltimore.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: james is usually drilling opponents. but he came to ward street, to join his ravens' teammates in the construction of new homes. for habitat for humanity of the chesapeake. >> what better way to impact your community than actually being hands-on and getting your hands dirty, so to speak, right here. >> reporter: and here, this project is good news. a neighborhood where one in eight homes is abandoned for a need of significant repair. >> many. them are vacant properties. so once we put a homeowner in it, it actually changes the neighborhood. >> the neighbors love each other. >> shanita lives in a habitat home in east baltimore. >> i think it means partnership t. shows that we are coming into the community, trying to transform the community. make it a better place. >> reporter: the 18 homes are going up, in the shadows of m&t bank stadium. >> we're in owings mills, about 90% was time. so any time you can get down here in the city, it's pretty cool. >> reporter: they broke ground here in june.
5:38 pm
these homes should be ready by february or march. it helps to build a house that some will actually be living in. and help out. and we're all excited about it. >> in pigtown, ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> ravens' fullback, leech and tirod taylor were part of the construction team. three of the eight are being funded by the ravens' all- community team foundation. i would like vontay on my cruck crew. >> absolutely. he's a big guy. >> carry this. right? >> carry a whole house. but great they were doing that on their off time. >> absolutely. yep. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. in a new home, after a long legal battle. a little girl has moved in with another set of parents. why this ruling could be the last. plus, protecting athletes. a gift to local schools to help keep kids safe on the field. we'll tell you how coming up. i'm bob turk.
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in your first warning weather center. can this perfect weather last? i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's a beautiful, clear night. >> we'll start the morning off with on the cool side. wind going to diminish, by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. by the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. bob has a look at what you can expect for the next five days. bob? for the next several days. mid- to upper 70s. lots of sunshine. there will be a few clouds tomorrow afternoon. temperatures, just about where it's supposed to be this time of year. nighttime lows, also pleasant. by the weekend, maybe a few more clouds. could be a shower, sunday night or monday. we're monitoring more breaking news tonight. a crash along bel air road in kentwood that is backing traffic. let's go to sky eye chopper 13, with more.
5:43 pm
good evening. the accident occurred on bel air road in the southbound lanes here in kenwood. just inside the baltimore city line. now, both vehicles have been moved out of the intersection. there are some ambulances. and the fire department is on scene. because there does appear to be some personal injury involved with this. they have opened up one lane on the southbound lanes. but they've also taken away one lane on the northbound lanes. so it's a little bit of a mess getting through here. but it should be clearing up shortly. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> all right, captain jeff. thank you. stay tuned for updates on our website, fire crews are battling a fast-moving wildfire in angeles national forest. the fire is close to azusa, california. that's about 20 miles east of los angeles. the fire has already burned more than 50 acres. helicopters are dropping water on the fire. carrying in as much as 32 gallons on the water.
5:44 pm
the coast guard and a good samaritan rescue others after the boat capsizes. >> mayday. mayday. >> it happened about east of new jersey. men were out in new jersey. shortly after that, their boat started taking on water. two coast guard boats deployed to help the sinking boat. before they got there, a good samaritan was able to pull one man to safety. the coast guard rescued the other man. for the second time in her life, a 4-year-old girl at the center of a bitter custody dispute is handed off to a new set of parents. elaine quijano reports, the three-year-long custody dispute may now be over. >> reporter: late monday evening, veronica's biological father, dustin brown, handed the child over to her adoptive parents, matt and melanie kappa bianko. it's the culmination of an
5:45 pm
emotional, four-year-long battle, between brown and the kappa biankos that began shortly after the south carolina couple began the process of adopting veronica in 2009. her unmarried biological mother gave permission for her daughter to be adopted by the kappa biankos. though brown had given up his parental rights before she was -- auto child was born, he objected to the adoptd doption. he cited native american law. >> the only people who can give you your ancestry is your family. >> reporter: the south carolina supreme court ruled in brown's favor. and since 2011, veronica has lived with him and his wife robin. >> everybody needs to realize shoo she's happy. she's very happy with us. >> reporter: but the kappa biankos appealed. and this past year, the united states supreme court ruled against brown because he gave up his parental rights. then a south carolina court
5:46 pm
finalized the adoption. still, brown objected and tried appealing the decision in oklahoma, where he's raised veronica for the past two years. the oklahoma court issued an order that kept veronica with brown and brought the two parties to mediation. but when the the talks broke down, the courts paved the way for the return to the kappa bibankos. cherokee nation attorney said veronica's return to the kappabianko's was peace. , as he spoke to ray crowd of brown supporters. >> it is a bad day for the cherokee nation. bad day for native children everywhere. but more importantly, this is a bad day for the brown family and for veronica. >> the family promises brown will be an important part of veronica's life. cold case cracked. police in south dakota may have a major break in a 42-year-old missing persons case.
5:47 pm
two teenage said girls disappeared in 1971. now, a fisherman thinks he found the studebaker that they were last seen in. the car was found in a gravel pit. crews are attempting to recover it from the pit in union county, south dakota. six years ago, a state prison inmate was charged in that case. but those charges were dropped after the confession was determined to be false. another reveal. this time, for fast food giant burger king. the chain is launching new, low- calorie french fries. they say its new satis fries have less calories than regular fries. the low-cal, low-fat fries will cost 20 to 30 cents more per serving. >> closer to home. today, 10 middle schools in baltimore city receive a life- saving donation. it comes in a small red box. but for a student athlete, it is a big help if something goes
5:48 pm
wrong with her heart. >> reporter: each year, 3,000 young people, mainly student athletes, die from sudden cardiac arrest. the deaths most often happened during rigorous physical activity. and there are usually no symptoms. and it is likely genetic. >> just because you're young, you're healthy, you're a two- sport athlete, does not mean you don't have a heart condition. you could have a heart condition. >> reporter: doctors and leaders from johns hopkins hospital, spoke with students today at dunbar. as they announced the donation of automated external defibrillator, to 10 baltimore middle schools. the israel and molly foundation gave $10,000 to fund the a.e.d. donation. >> we hope the defibrillators will never need to be used. at the same time, we are secure in knowing that they will be available on site if needed. >> reporter: hopkins calls its initiative, heart high. it includes screening young
5:49 pm
athlete. and so far, more than 1,000 were looked at by hopkins. several needed immediate attention. others needed to be monitored. now, the defibrillators, which shock the heart back to normal rhythm will be there. because it's impossible to screen everyone. and it will be available to those on the sidelines, too. >> it's really they're not so much for you. it's for your parents to get hyper watching a game. okay? >> yeah. last year, an a.e.d. was used on a high school rest. most city high schools already haveem this. and all of the coaches have to be certified in their life- saving use. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for these stories and more coming up, vic is standing by with more. treacherous trench collapse. crews continue to work to free a man, trapped in frederick. the latest on the dramatic rescue efforts. and killed if kenya. a johns hopkins graduate, loses her life during the violent mall massacre. heartbroken friends talk about that shocking loss. check in for these stories and
5:50 pm
all the day's breaking news at 6:00. back to you. >> vic, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. the legal battle surges. closing arguments begin today. we'll tell you what is ahead for the jury. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after five months of testimony, closing arguments begin today in michael jackson's wrongful death trial. jurors must decide whether aeg live, which was promoting jackson's comeback concerts is liable for the singer's death. casey wian has more. >> reporter: michael jackson never got the canc to perform what was supposed to be his ultimate comeback tour in 2009. he died of an overdose of the powerful an thessic-- anesthetic prope fol, administered by dr. conrad murray n.2011, murray was convicted of manslaughter and sentence said to four years in prison. now, a court must decide if a.raeg must pay potentially millions of dollars to jackson's heirs. because they claim the company
5:54 pm
negligently hired dr. murray. >> michael jackson didn't die because of a heart physician. he died because a physician violated his ultimate hip crattic oath. and he was placed in that position by aeg. >> aeg said he was never its employee and she was entirely controlled bide jackson. >> the people said in the early 90s, he was using it to sleep at night in hotels inform is in complete contradiction from what our plaintiffs claim, that this is a sudden, new thing that happened in their life. >> for might have months, the jury has heard testimony from jackson's 83-year-old mother katherine, his ex-wife, debbie row, and by videotape, two of his children. 15-year-old paris jackson survived a suicide attempt burg the trial. other evidence included the playing of jackson home video. never observe seen publicly.
5:55 pm
and a doctor who testified that a physically deteriorating jackson did not get r.e.m. sleep for 60 straight days, while getting prop fol from murray. >> they haven't determined how much they're asking for the loss of jackson. miss piggy is finally pairing up with her love, kermit. the froggy. henson's daughter is donating more than 20 puppets and props. bert and ernie are among the other donations. >> miss piggy is the best. the best. the subject comes out of her snout. hilarious. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a horrific early morning crash kills three people. was it all caused by a police pursuit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up right now on wjz's eyewitness news at 6:00. deadly collision. did a police pursuit lead to a fiery crash in the city? what investigators are saying tonight. four days of fighting. is the violence finally over in kenya? an update on the remaining terrorists. and wjz learns of the victims victims with local ties. he's not your candidate if you want the status quo.
5:59 pm
i'm pat warren. coming up on wjz eyewitness news. that's what doug gansler announces officially that he's in the governor's race. manny machado's knee injury rocks. reaction and update on the extent of that injury when eyewitness news continues. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. fatal crash. two cars collide. three people are dead. did a police pursuit lead to the accident. . hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> an horrific accident. af


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